Where Can I Meet Software Developers?

In 2019, there were over 700,000 unfilled positions in IT, making it one of the country’s most in-demand talents. But, of course, you get the convenience of easy accessibility and communication. This is crucial if you want to find the right expert for the job. You need programmers who have experience in handling the technologies you plan to use. As new tech trends emerge each year, startups and large corporations have to keep up with the public’s changing demands. With the onset of technology innovations in the business world, companies of all sizes are clamoring to get their hands on the best IT talents.

where to find developers

For example, Ukrainian developers are well-known for the high quality of their code, that is why they regularly get offers from dozens of other companies. In this case, if you make the candidate wait for your decision for too long, he/she can accept the competing offer. A strong employer brand has a significant impact on the success of recruiting teams.

The more popular board usually results in the poor quality of applicants. For hiring designers and developers you can simply check out Smashing Magazine, Authentic Jobs, Startups, GitHub. These are skill-specific platforms, which attract talented people. These websites are not basically focused on freelancing they usually become hiring hubs in the end. Here we present a list of freelancing platforms, where you can find the perfect web developer according to your project type.

Where Can I Meet Software Developers?

For example, Dribble initially started as a community specifically for designers to share their work and soon became a famous place for employers as well. Outsourcely is undoubtedly the best freelancing platform with over 200,000 active freelancers. But where to look is the second question that arises in mind, as they have little in common when it comes to quality, quantity, and the kind of freelancers they host. Most developers display their email on their GitHub profile, it makes it easier to reach out to them.

There’s also an option to contact AngelList directly so they curate potential candidates for you. When you look for a freelance developer, be sure to pay attention to their credentials. There are different certifications one can earn when becoming a developer, so be sure to ask to see them. You also want to know what previous where to find developers job experience and training they have, etc. The most effective resources where you can find developers for startups are Daxx, Upwork, Remote.io, Toptal, Linkedin, AngelList, and Stack Overflow. Upwork is a freelance marketplace known for its robust search filters, candidates’ work history, and a large database of candidates.

You’ll get practical advice and tips from volunteers, teachers, and the Code Club team, and you’ll explore the free resources which Code Club provides. Women Who Code is an international nonprofit organization that provides a global community for women in tech with events, coding resources, jobs, mentorship, and more. Software https://globalcloudteam.com/ development can’t be rushed, but if you’re targeting a specific date, you’ll need to pull out all the stops. Integrating all information into one platform where teams can conveniently access it speeds up and improves collaborations. Developers can design an all-in-one program that stores, organizes, and analyzes the data.

What You Need To Know About Attracting & Recruiting Developers And Technologists

Java is known to be one of the most versatile programming languages in the world as it is commonly used for several economic sectors, platforms and technologies. That is why a need for well-qualified Java developers keeps growing. The numbers can surely confirm that fact – according to the Stack overflow 2021 survey, Java has been the 4th most used language in the past year (35%). As the language of the Android system, which is the most deployed language of smartphone on the planet, Java is here to stay!

  • GitHub is the biggest developer online community to date, being used by 73+ million developers and 4+ million organizations.
  • These are skill-specific platforms, which attract talented people.
  • 3.Final interview – usually, this is a managerial interview conducted by decision-makers, focused more on the soft skills of the candidate and his or her fit within the team.
  • Freelancers can be hired to assist with a specific problem or upcoming project.
  • By finding developers on this platform, you offload some of your hiring work to Gun.io and their processes.
  • Better yet, our vetting process doesn’t end once we’ve approved a particular development partner.

The easiest and fasted would be Find your people – Meetup Find a local meetup group with similar interests, and go to a get together. I would suggest that with you just starting out in your career, try to find commonality with older more establish programmers. Software development is generally pricey with all the tools and resources it requires. The bigger a business expands, the more people and processes to manage. Business process management software can increase efficiency for all parties. Some of the websites follow a competition model just like 99designs.com, which results to provide you with quality work.

Hiring developers on this platform requires you, like the other platforms, to create your account. The good thing is, you can search for potential candidates for free. You can work with Toptal’s freelance developers on an hourly, weekly, part-time, and full-time basis. Once you sign up on the platform, you can start posting jobs complete with specific job descriptions of the kind of developer you’re looking for. You can then screen the candidates further and then decide if one should move forward to get invited to an interview or not.

Attracting Developers With A Company Brand That Slays

To date, 21+ million software development questions have been asked on this platform, so you have a good chance of getting your job posting noticed. Freelancers can be hired to assist with a specific problem or upcoming project. The limited attachment to freelancers keeps the cost down while addressing your company’s need. Who knows, you might even find the perfect full-time developer in the process. It is always easier to hire a person who is already looking for a job.

So, it is very important for you to find the right talent in the first move, otherwise, you risk hurting your business, as well as wasting time and money on a replacement. In the current era of rapidly growing technology, the digital appearance of your business or service is one of the most important factors to upgrade it to the next level. GitHub is the biggest developer online community to date, being used by 73+ million developers and 4+ million organizations. In simple terms, we provide you with outsourcing minus the risk.

where to find developers

You can meet thousands of freelancers, from which you can choose the best one according to your project. Presently there are many freelancing sites, job boards, and niche communities where you can meet hundreds of web developers to choose from. Guru is another freelance job board where you can find good developers from around the world. They pride themselves on their services as secure, flexible, and cost-effective. The vetting and pre-screening process includes soft skills analysis including education, attitude, ethical values, and English proficiency. The English proficiency test is vital to ensure that the tech talent will be able to communicate with you well and that he can fully understand the scope and instructions of the project at hand.

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This job board is aimed at helping big and small companies find designers, developers and creatives to help fill empty roles. Part-time, full-time and freelance positions make up the board and all kinds of industries are represented on it. Unlike other job boards, Authentic Jobs has a lower job listing price of $149 per month or $199 per month for a featured job listing. Toptal connects startups and businesses with the top talent in software engineering from around the world. The company uniquely boasts that they can give you access to the top 3% of freelance developers all over the world. They do this by screening all applicants before they enter their freelancing talent pool.

where to find developers

You can hire freelance developers for hourly rates with a minimum of 10 hours/week. When hiring full-time developers, Gun.io will get a one-time fee equal to 15% of the hired developer’s arranged annual salary. To post a job in AngelList, you can go to the recruit page and once you’re signed in, you’ll be given a form to fill out as a listing for your startup company.

With this platform, you can hire either a full-time developer or a part-time one. Developers also have to pay a cut of their pay to Upwork as a platform fee, so keep that in mind when negotiating prices. It’s always best to have someone from your team with the best tech knowledge with you when looking for good developers and also have some basic tech knowledge yourself. You don’t have to learn Java or other programming languages yourself.


When searching for a developer, regardless of whether they’ll be a full-time, part-time or freelance addition to your team, you should be mindful of several things. By failing to pay attention to details, you can end up hiring someone with a large salary that doesn’t fit your company’s needs. True to their name, most Fiverr freelancers will have little services that they offer for $5, but jobs will also include a listing of “Gig Extras” that can be added for higher fees. With us, you will enjoy collaboration with a well-established tech vendor that has 20+ years of experience with a wide pool of software developers. The power of social networks can also come in handy when looking for a software developer.

We ensure that as you work with our developers, even if they’re nearshore or offshore, the process will be effective and painless. Normally, a custom software development company would guide you through this. However, as a startup, we understand that you want to limit your expenses as much as possible and may manage your tech talents yourself or ask someone to help from your current team members. Built to help companies find development talent, Gigster can help connect your company with qualified teams of developers.

Automate Processes

Moreover, these marketplaces also provide you a hands-off approach, which means you don’t have to hustle up and get involved in every step of the recruitment process. These portals do not focus on any specific skill or quality level. You can find a lot of freelance workers with different skills in search of jobs. Freelancing platforms are basically large-scale marketplaces, where freelancers and clients get connected with each other. Dice offers job post packages ranging from 4 jobs per month to a complete recruitment package where you can get access to one of their core offerings, the Dice Talent Search access tool.

There are software solutions that can churn out valuable analytics of store information. On top of that, a customized system can provide extra security for sensitive details. Things such as encoding data and processing payment transactions can all be automated by programmed software. A custom system can execute the workflow faster and reduce the risk of human error.

First of all, the number of Java software development companies there is impressive. Just in Poland, you can find over 300 firms that outsource Java Developers! Apart from the variety of possibilities, you can also find some additional benefits of that continent. The technical universities in Europe are on a high level and the number of well-educated and talented software engineers grows every year, so we can see a huge potential in that part of the world.

Our Guide Development process allows us to work on whatever phase you are in your project. Dice is a platform specifically designed for recruiting talents in the tech space. This means that the freelancers you find here are system engineers, talented developers, data engineers, cybersecurity engineers, and other specialists in the tech space. Other than posting jobs, you can also search for developers manually. Just click on the Development and IT tab and choose which kind of developer you’re looking for. Upwork will list several candidates that have built a good record on the platform.

If you need to find a programmer for a startup, try giving these seven options a shot. Yet take into consideration that while saving up on using the less expensive option, you risk hiring startup programmers who won’t match your requirements or your existing team culture. Due to the shortage of locally available software engineers, we’ve received plenty of requests to recruit experienced Python developers for different tasks.

Good developers can be founded through multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, etc. You have to post a thread of your requirements and then these marketplaces will match you with a competent freelancer or an agency. These websites offer you decent quality applicants, by which you only have to choose from skilled developers. These are simply some awesome platforms to find a developer, as it is inaccessible to beginners. You can also check out the portfolio before approaching any designer or developer. We also provide an Outsourcing Strategist who will be there to help you use our infrastructure and make sure your relationship with the development team is going well.

This platform also offers to organize enterprise solutions for your startup, for a price of course. Gun.io is a developer platform dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, startups or not, find full-time or freelance basis developers, even developers just to augment periodic needs. The good thing about this platform is that vet developer applicants before allowing them on the platform. What a software developer must bring to the table will be different from a web developer. It’s with that in mind that you have to make sure your job listings are as detailed as possible to ensure you hire the right person without wasting either party’s time.

Guru is similar to Upwork in that you start your freelancer search by describing and posting your job on their site. However, unlike Upwork, Guru adds another layer through the ability to search for a specific freelancer based on specialties, categories, location, feedback, rate and more. This allows top freelancers to stand out from the crowd instead of having to apply for jobs each time. Upwork is a freelance service that works with clients throughout the whole hiring process, from posting to payment, aiming to provide users with a great experience on their marketplace.